Thursday, February 6, 2014

Exercises You Can Do in the Office

You’ve been eating right and drinking a liquidnutrition supplement but you haven’t been working out. Maybe you’ve started a new office job and it hasn’t exactly done wonders for your body, making you feel somewhat weak and lethargic. Because of the sedentary nature of the job, you may pack on pounds in addition to the neck, wrist, and back cramps that you may get from using a computer. But the good news is that there are stretches and exercises that you can do to prevent weight gain and stretch your stressed back, wrist, and neck.


While you’re sitting at your desk or in your office, there are plenty of stretches you can do. Starting with your head and neck tilt your head toward your shoulder, hold it, and alternate sides. After you feel lose, roll your neck slowly a few times. Then roll your shoulders forward and backward.

To stretch your shoulders and arms bring one arm across your body and press it toward you at the elbow with your other hand. Alternate your arms. Rolling your wrists around in a circle can also alleviate some cramps and joint aches caused by desk work.

To reinvigorate those tired legs you can simply raise your legs up in the air and point your toes outward and then up toward your body. While you’re doing this stretch you can also draw small circles with your pointed toes.


Arm exercises are somewhat difficult to pull off without anyone knowing since they can’t exactly be hidden under your desk, but there are things that you can do throughout your day to get your blood flowing throughout your upper body and work out your arms and chest. One exercise that is can add some strength to your arms is to grip the arms of your chair and push yourself upward. It won’t give you the full range of motion of a proper tricep dip, but it’s less noticeable than many other arm exercises you can do. Another somewhat difficult to spot exercise is to push yourself away from your desk and pull yourself in. Due to the fact that desks don’t exactly have the best gripping surfaces it will work your hands and forearms as well as your back and biceps.


Everyone is worried about having flat, six-pack abs. While these exercises won’t make you look like Jason Statham or Rihanna any time soon, they can help reduce weight and strengthen your core throughout the day. The following exercises can easily be done without anyone knowing. One core exercise is simply to clench your abs until you can’t any longer and then repeat as often as you can or want to. Another is to sit tall, engage your core, raise your legs until they’re even with your hip, hold them there, and slowly lower them. Finally, another great exercise for your core isn’t an exercise at all. Instead of sitting in an office chair, sit on an exercise ball. This promotes balance and core engagement throughout the day, but can be difficult for some people.


There are some very simple leg exercises you can do at your desk, some of them can even be done under your desk and not be noticed at all. One of the simplest leg exercises you can do while you’re at the board meeting is to extend both legs, cross one over the other then press the top one down and the bottom one up. After your legs feel tired, repeat in the other direction. Another exercise you can secretly do is to flex and hold your gluteus (butt) muscles. Both of these exercises are easy to do without being noticed at all.

Many of these office workouts can be done throughout the day with little or no thought, keeping you fit while you’re on the job. Don’t worry about bringing the resistance bands to the office today, just grab some liquidnutrition, a healthy lunch, and get ready for the day.

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