Thursday, August 15, 2013

Simple Tips for a Successful Detox Program

Last time we were talking about the benefits of detoxification for your body and how you could start your periodical detox program with a liquid nutrition supplement, such as Sea Energy PowerMax Liquid Nutrition Supplement. In this article you will find some more helpful tips for a successful detox program.

First Things First

Before actually beginning your detox program, you need to prepare your body for the cleansing process that’s about to follow by reducing the toxins you regularly ingest, such as alcohol, cigarettes, saturated fats, and sugars. Besides these toxin sources, try to use less health care items that contain chemicals. Find a way to replace shampoo, deodorant, and makeup products with natural substitutes.

Think About Both Your Body and Mind

Your detox program will be more effective if you consider both your body and mind. Toxins are produced not only by the foods we consume, but also by stress. So when you make a step-by-step plan to detoxify your organism, think about eliminating or at least minimizing the impact of stressors in your life. Yoga and meditation can be a good way to achieve this.

How Should You Choose Your Detox Program?

You have plenty of choices when it comes to detoxification, but it’s important to adjust any detox programs to your needs. A seven-day program is a good start, especially if you have not done this before. Most nutritionists agree that you should consume nothing else except liquids – water, fresh-fruit smoothies, and vegetable juices – for at least two days (some recommend up to a week, if you’re trying a longer detox program) to give your digestive system a break and clean your blood of toxins. Nutritionists also recommend using supplements and exercise. A liquid nutrition supplement is a good way to enhance your detox program.

What Should Your Detox Program Include?

Here are some effective ways to detoxify your body:
  • Eat fruits, veggies, and lots of fiber. Seaweed, for instance, is a great detoxifier.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Use a detox combination of herbs to clean your liver. There are many options available.
  • Go to a sauna or a spa to eliminate toxins through perspiration.
  • Don’t forget to exercise. An hour of exercise can speed up the detoxification process.
 To increase the benefits of your detoxification program, you can include a natural liquid nutrition supplement, such as Sea Energy PowerMax Liquid Nutrition Supplement. Together with a healthy diet and active lifestyle, you can achieve your health goals faster and more effectively.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Start Your Detox Program with a Liquid Nutrition Supplement


Just like you need to take care of your garden on a daily basis if you want it to look beautiful, your body is a continual improvement project in which nutrition plays a major part. And like how you clean that garden up in the spring to prepare it for the year to come, sometimes your body needs some cleanup, too.
If lately you’ve been noticing signs like persistent exhaustion, poor digestion, bad skin, and overall you feel like you’re in slow motion, your body may be trying to tell you that you need a detoxification. A high-quality liquid nutrition supplement is a good way to begin a detox program.
What is detox?
Detox is far from being a trend or a health fad. Actually, it’s been around for a very long time. It’s what in religious terms is called fasting, and it can be found in all cultures around the world in one form or another, as for instance in Oriental traditional medical practices. The purpose of detox is to cleanse an organism from the toxins accumulated in time, to regenerate and nourish it by providing the nutrients and minerals it needs to renew its strength and fortify it against diseases.

What are the effects of detox?

Nutritionists agree that detox procedures are meant to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate itself. Practiced correctly, detox essentially cleans the body, starting with the blood by eliminating toxins accumulated in our systems. More specifically, a successful detox program can:
·      Clean the liver and improve blood circulation
·      Help the body get a break from the demanding routine it is regularly subjected to
·      Allow you to get the rest you need to replenish resources
·      Restore bodyily functions by feeding it with vital nutrients

How often should you undergo detox?

It is recommended to try it at least once every year, and you can start by introducing a liquid nutrition supplement, such as Sea Energy PowerMax Liquid Nutrition Supplement, in your diet.
However, some categories of people such as pregnant or nursing women, as well as children and those suffering from serious diseases should avoid strict detox programs. It is always advisable to consult your doctor in such cases before taking any medication or supplements.

Sea Energy PowerMax Liquid Nutrition Supplement is a good way to start a detox program, especially if you couple it with a healthy diet and exercise. Its powerful active ingredients will help you regain your stamina and thirst for life.