Thursday, April 11, 2013

Regenerate Your Body from the Inside Out with a Liquid Nutrition Supplement

Humanity has done a number on the environment and filled it with all kinds of toxic gases, heavy metals, chemicals, and radiation from Fukishima as well as our computers. Our bodies are like sponges that absorb all these toxins through the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe.

Mother Nature is not entirely blameless in the toxins department because the sun produces radiation and the planet produces viruses, bacteria, fungus, and also sprays its own heavy metals and toxins into the air.

The key to fighting off all these toxins is to fortify yourself with vital nutrients and minerals so your body can naturally flush out toxins. A good diet is rarely enough. Most of us need a little something extra to help our bodies. That is why we love Affinity's Sea Energy Power Max Liquid Nutrition Supplement.
This potent Liquid Nutrition Supplement contains the best quality extracts from natural nutrition powerhouses including:

Sea Vegetation: Plant life from the sea is incredibly rich in vitamins and minerals. This sea vegetation comes from the fresh, pure oceans of Canada. The extract contains an especially beneficial compound called sodium alginate, which prevents the body from absorbing heavy metals and radioactive materials.

Aloe Vera: The insides of the leaves of this plant, which is a cousin of the cactus, are filled with a soft, gooey substance that is a potent cell regenerator. Aloe helps to fight inflammation, encourages hydration, and has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. In addition, aloe aids in digestion.

Pau D’ Arco: This amazing compound comes to us from the South American rain forests. It is found on the bark of the Lapacho tree and is also a potent detoxifying agent that hones in on the blood, liver, and lymphatic system. It is a favorite medicine of Brazilian natives.

The Affinity's Sea Energy Power Max Liquid Nutrition Supplement is a truly remarkable and unique formulation, packed with all kinds of good things for you. Since it is a liquid nutrition supplement, it is super easy to use, simply drink 1 to 2 ounces each day.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Which Liquid Nutrition Supplement is Right for Me?

A universal truth is that few people get the proper and complete nutrition their body needs. The lack of nutrition results in all sorts of health problems – everything from catching too many colds to horribly complicated issues like diabetes, and chronic auto-immune disorders.

One of the worst things to happen when the body is malnourished is that the immune system goes down. When the immune system fails, the body is open to every little disease, bug, infection, and illness that comes its way.
An ineffective immune system is one of the gateways to chronic and fatal illness.

In addition to vitamins, many people are incorporating a liquid nutrition supplement of one kind or another into their daily regimen. Let us take a look at two very popular and different liquid nutrition supplements, what they are made of and what they do:

  • Ensure: This popular liquid nutrition supplement is available in most Western grocery stores. It is a product of the company Abbott Global and promotes itself as being a source of complete, balanced nutrition that includes 24 vitamins and minerals, including ALA omega-3s.

    For a little shock, next time you are at the store we suggest you turn over the ingredient label of this liquid nutrition supplement. You will see sugar, corn, milk protein concentrate, soy oil, and soy protein isolate listed among the first several ingredients. When an ingredient label starts off with sugar and corn, you really have to wonder how good the product is for you!
  • Sea Energy Power Max Liquid Nutrition Supplement: It is a liquid nutrition supplement available through special order. When you look at the label of this supplement, it lists aloe vera, pau d’arco, cat’s claw, ginkgo biloba, pomegranate, ginseng, cranberry, black cherry, and sea vegetation. You can see the contrast between the two types of supplements because one is artificially created, while the other is naturally derived. There are no soy or corn products in Sea Energy’s liquid nutrition supplement.

If you are wondering what type of liquid nutrition supplement you should try, we recommend Sea Energy Power Max Liquid Nutrition Supplement. Not only is it naturally derived, but it is incredibly effective because it offers your body a larger range of nutrients that you cannot get from most liquid nutrition supplements or through your regular diet.