Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ways to Reduce Your Calorie Intake

There’s many, many ways to have a much healthier lifestyle everyone knows: eating healthy, exercise, and liquidnutrition supplements. But there are several other steps that can be taken to adjust your everyday habits and become healthier.

Don’t Eat Out

Not eating out is sometimes the most difficult for some people because, let’s face it, eating out is easy and delicious. However, eating out is costly. Not only is it significantly harder on your wallet to go out, but it is costly to your weight loss goals. Very few restaurants serve truly healthy options and some of the “healthier” options are only healthy in comparison to the other choices on the menu, which usually have more fat, calories, and sugar than the same meals if cooked at home.

Switch to Water

This one is an obvious switch for any soda drinkers. A can of soda can have around 150 calories, massive amounts of sugar, and various chemicals that you likely can’t pronounce. Many “fruit” juices have more calories than a can of soda and some have more sugar and just as many preservatives. Water has zero calories and just two ingredients that everyone can pronounce: oxygen and hydrogen.

Small Meals/Grazing

Grazing, or nibbling on foods throughout the day, has really been demonized by many health-conscious groups. But it’s not how much you’re grazing, it’s what you’re grazing on. Obviously, grazing with cookies and candies is terrible for you. Grazing on celery, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and hummus is significantly better for you. However, grazing has the added benefit of encouraging smaller meals and reducing your temptation to eat (or overeat) quick, fatty, and pre-packaged foods.

Keep Track

Don’t be afraid to count your calories. Knowing how many calories you should be eating every day and then keeping track of exactly how much you’ve eaten throughout the day will let you in on some important information. If you notice that one of your meals was 1,000 calories (of your allotted 1,600 calories) then you’ll be much less likely to waste time on it in the future.

Fiber and Protein

Make sure to eat plenty of fiber and protein. Chicken breasts, quinoa, lettuce, lintels, and a ton of other (sometimes surprising) foods fall into this category. These foods tend to fill you up quicker as well as take more time and energy to process, helping your caloric deficit for the day.

Make Food From Scratch

Flour, salt, eggs. You can probably guess what that is (if you can’t, it’s the ingredients in really simple homemade noodles). They’re quick, easy, and delicious to make at home. You may begin to miss your store-bought noodles thiamine mononitrate, but you’ll manage.

Plenty of Fluids

In addition to drinking plenty of water there are other drinks that you can drink to keep yourself healthy and fit. Unsweetened teas (not from a can or carton, but directly from herbs), liquidnutrition drinks, and homemade smoothies can help you stave off hunger throughout the day and give you a serious energy boost.

Keep these in mind throughout your day. They may not do the most separately, but together they can help you be fitter quicker.

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