Thursday, January 30, 2014

Busy? You Can Stay Healthy

Being busy can absolutely kill any diet. While rushing out the door you may think, “That fast food joint is just two blocks away. I’ll stop there and eat on the way to work.” When you consider liquidnutrition supplements versus a hamburger and French fries your brain my trick yourself into thinking that the burger will fill you up while the shake or smoothie won’t. When people have time to think about it they know that this simply isn’t true but most people may not know exactly how to create a quick and healthy meal in ten or fifteen minutes. Luckily, several types of meals can be finished quickly and easily.


When you think of breakfast, don’t think of cereal, waffles, or pancakes. Those, while easy and quick to make, aren’t easy to eat in the car on the way to work or at your desk. Some of the best desk-friendly breakfast foods, by far, are shakes and smoothies. Oftentimes you can find large bags of frozen fruits (with no sugar or preservatives added) at your local grocer for very cheap. Putting some in a Ziploc bag in the fridge overnight will let you simply throw them into the blender in the morning for a minute-breakfast.

Another great breakfast homemade fast food is the breakfast burrito. This one, like many on this list, will benefit from some preparation beforehand. Whenever you have the time, chop up the peppers, tomatoes, and onions to store in your refrigerator. When you’re ready to make the breakfast burrito it’s then simply a matter of throwing the eggs, meat, cheese, and veggies into a pan, wrapping it up, and running out the door. Don’t forget the hot sauce!


One of the most beautiful aspects of lunchtime foods for a health nut on the go is that many of them can be cold. Also, anyone can make an acceptable lunch by simply putting ingredients together with no cooking needed. Mixing and matching your ingredients can make a variety of flavorful lunches with little or no effort. One day you can have a wrap filled with greens, basil pesto, mayonnaise, pine nuts, and meat of your choice, your favorite cheese, cucumbers, and tomatoes. If you’re in the mood for a pita the next day, simply replace the pesto and mayo with hummus, add olives and peppers, and put it in a pita pocket. Salad? Replace the sauces with a low-fat salad dressing and take out the bread. Lunch is the best meal for quick solutions. If you want it faster, it’s easy to slice some vegetables the night before (and even prepare the meal itself on the go).


Sometimes you won’t need your dinner on the go but you’ll want your dinner quickly after a particularly stressful day. You simply might not have the motivation to slave over a hot stove. Traditional dinners, while rarely quick, usually keep very well if you want leftovers. Many times, with the right equipment, they can also be prepared while you’re doing other things or even while you’re at work. Crock Pots work wonders for making chili and soups while you sleep or work. Meals like gazpacho can be made fairly quickly, stored, and are designed to be eaten cold (so you don’t even have to re-heat it).

There are plenty of ways to eat healthy for every meal, including fantastic liquidnutrition meals that require no preparation at all. Just grab and go!

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